Our Vision

We aspire to raise the learning achievement levels of the learners in defined critical areas through focused and targeted interventions.

About ZEEP

ZEEP is an overarching and integrated Government project that is premised on addressing the most critical needs of the Ministry based on empirically identified sector challenges. It builds on previous efforts and undertakes a deep dive in attempting to address these manifest challenges. 

The interventions are focused and targeted and take a holistic approach. The clearly elaborated results chain provides a framework for monitoring the project delivery and progress. The additional innovation for ZEEP is the use of results-based funding mechanism that provides opportunities for the project only to receive funding if it on course in the attainment of the defined desired results.

Teacher Training

This subcomponent strengthens the existing teacher training system by establishing feedback loops for guiding continuous improvements and upgrading teacher training.

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Textbook Availability

This subcomponent aims to tackle the issue of severe textbook shortage in the country by improving the current textbook management system.

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Equitable Access

The objective of this component is to increase access to secondary education in underserved communities by adding new classrooms.

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Enhanced Capacity

Enhancing M&E Capacity, Education Planning, Education Information Management Systems and Project Coordination.

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Video Tour of our Projects

Take a tour of our projects and you will find the best in the state. The video will take you to every places in this project.