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Zambia Education Enhancement Project (ZEEP) Brief

In 2016, the World Bank conducted a Public Expenditure Review (PER) of the education sector. The PER identified several challenges within the education sector including the shortage of classrooms particularly at secondary school, unavailability of textbooks to students and issues about the quality of teaching. These challenges contribute to the consistently poor student learning outcomes and hamper the efficient performance of the education sector.

In an effort to address these challenges, the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) through the Ministry of General Education (MoGE) and the World Bank Group (WBG) have developed a sector-wide, medium-term program called the Zambia Education Enhancement Project (ZEEP). The carefully designed ZEEP seeks to help MoGE achieve sector priorities and broadly contribute to the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) objectives on human development.

The proposed project development objective (PDO) is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics and science in targeted primary and secondary schools and to increase equitable access to secondary education. To ensure results, three results indicators will be monitored including:

(a) increase the percentage of teachers who meet the prescribed curriculum competencies and pedagogical skills requirement in mathematics and science in Grade 5 and Grade 9 in targeted schools;

(b) An improved pupil-textbook ratio in math and science for Grades 8–9, and mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, agricultural science, and science for Grades 10–12 in targeted schools; and

(c) The number of students enrolled in Grades 8–12 in the expanded secondary schools with additional classrooms and facilities.

The project is structured around three closely related components:

  • Improving the Quality of Teaching and learning with the following sub-components;
  • Sub-component 1.1: Strengthening the teacher training system:
  • Sub-component 1.2: Improving Textbook Availability;
  • Increasing Equitable Access to Secondary Education; and
  • Enhancing M&E Capacity and Project Coordination.


The implementation arrangements of this project will rely on the existing institutional setup of MoGE as the implementing agency but will further be strengthened by establishing several coordination committees and the new Project Implementation Unit (PIU). Each component of the project will be implemented through an existing directorate in the ministry including teacher education and specialised services (TESS) leading implementation on the teacher quality component; procurement and supply unit (PSU) and standards and curriculum on textbook procurement and management, Zambia Education Project Implementation Unit (ZEPIU) under planning and information directorate on school construction and directorate planning and information to provide oversight of the project and responsible for the component three. To strengthen implementation capacity, a project implementation steering committee and the project implementation units have been established