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Human resources and administration

The directorate of Human Resource and Administration is responsible for the provision of appropriate and effective intervention to enable the Ministry realise its vision and strategic objectives.

The directorate discharges its mandate through the following sections and units.

Human resource management

Responsible in provision of effective human resource management function aimed at motivating staff through the recruitment of teachers at various levels of education and administrative staff, retention, promotions, separation, payment of salaries and allowances, separations, handling of disciplinary and health related matters.

The unit further, manages the performance management system for the Ministry through the use of the Annual Performance Appraisal System to ensure that effective performance is undertaken at all levels. This performance management system is also linked to the rewarding system.

Human resource development

The unit is responsible for managing effectively the training and development activities of the Ministry in order to improve productivity  in line with the Training and Development Policy and prevailing circulars issued by Cabinet from time to time.

Administration unit

The unit is responsible for managing effectively the administrative support services of the Ministry.