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DistrictNameRunning AgencyMobile No.Addressemail
ChembeChembe Day Secondary SchoolGRZ972705197Box 710549,
ChembeChembe PrimaryGRZ977795727Box 710454
ChembeKundamfumu Secondary SchoolGRZ975165676P.O. Box 710454 Mansa
ChembeMyengele Secondary SchoolGRZ972844262Box 710454 Mansa
ChiengeMununga Day Secondary SchoolGRZ977895233P.O. B0X 740050,
ChiengeMuseka  Secondary SchoolGRZ977241580Box 740025 Mununga
ChiengeMwabu Primary SchoolGRZ979956946Box 740040 Chienge
ChiengeMwase Secondary SchoolGRZ972363442Po Box 740002 Chienge
ChiengeNyamfwa Primary SchoolGRZ977367975Box 740022, Chienge
ChiengePonde Day Secondary SchoolGRZ979402402Box 740018, Chienge
ChiengePondwa Secondary SchoolGRZ978506287P.O. Box 740040, Chienge
ChipiliChipili High SchoolGRZ977259579Box 710299,  Chipili
ChipiliKalundu Secondary  SchoolGRZ976920168Box 710299 Chipili
ChipiliMukanga  Primary SchoolGRZ961041002Box 710299 Chipili
ChipiliMukonshi Day Secondary SchoolGRZ977975522Box 710299 Chipili
ChipiliMupeta Primary SchoolGRZ974323394Box 710299
ChipiliMusonda Falls  Day Secondary SchoolGRZ977246892Box 710299 Chipili
ChipiliMwenda Boarding Secondary SchoolGRZ978232382Box 710291
KawambwaChibende Secondary SchoolGRZBox 710104 Milenge
KawambwaChimpempe SecondaryGrant-aided (from GRZ)978086176P.O. Box 730089,
KawambwaChishinga Secondary  SchoolGRZ977274388Box 730192
KawambwaKafwanka Day SecondaryGRZC/O Debs Office Box 710104 Milenge
KawambwaKanengo Secondary SchoolGRZ977120265Box 730192, Kawambwanil
KawambwaKapalala Secondary SchoolGRZBox 710104 Milenge
KawambwaKawambwa School For Continuing EducationGRZ977175846Box 730030,
KawambwaKawambwa Technical SecondaryGRZ977417903Box 730191,
KawambwaMashika Secondary SchoolGRZBox 7101104 Milenge
KawambwaMirumbi Secondary SchoolGRZBox 71O104 Milenge
KawambwaNg’Ona SecondaryGRZ977538443Box 730199,
KawambwaSt. Marys SecGrant-aided (from GRZ)979140215Box 730047stmarysgirlssecondaryschool@gmail.c
KawambwaTea Estate SecGRZ979316542Box 730194,
LungaBwalya Mponda SecondaryGRZ978062372P.O Box 720003,
LungaNsamba Secondary SchoolGRZ962619415P O Box
MansaBahati PrimaryGRZ978624490Box 710093 Mansan/a
MansaDon Bosco Sec SchoolGrant-aided (from GRZ)212285152Box 710109
MansaHoly Trinity Girls Secondary(Former Kabunda Girls)GRZ710093
MansaLukangaba PrimaryGRZ978626461Box 710093 Mansan/a
MansaMabumba Secondary SchoolGRZ978044449Box 710191, Mansa
MansaMalamba Primary SchoolGRZ979958976Box 710093 Mansa
MansaMansa Sch. For Cont. EducationGRZ821802Box 710289,
MansaMansa Secondry SchoolGRZ112821831Box 710367,
MansaMansa Trades Secondary SchoolGRZ977937705Box 710050
MansaMikula PrimaryGRZ977893672Box 710093 Mansa
MansaMuchinka PrimaryGRZ977368004Box 710093 Mansa
MansaSt Charles Lwanga SePrivate977628023Box 710036 Mansa
MansaSt Clements SecondarGrant-aided (from GRZ)02/821244P O Box 710061,
MilengeButimbwe PrimaryGRZBox  C/O Milenge Debs Office Box 710104
MilengeLwela Secondary  SchoolGRZBox 710269
MilengeMilenge Secondary  SchoolGRZC/O Debs Office Box 710104
MilengeShitambuli Primary SchoolGRZ978398680Box C/O Debs Office Box 710104Milenge
MwansabombweKapale SecondaryGRZ977508767Box 750093
MwansabombweMabel Shaw Secondary SchoolGrant-aided (from GRZ)977764447Box 750098
MwenseKashiba Secondary SchoolsGRZBox 760034 Mwense
MwenseLukwesa SecondaryGRZ968645584Box 760013  Mwense
MwenseLwamfwe   PrimaryGRZBox 760094   Mwense
MwenseMambilima Special SecondaryGrant-aided (from GRZ)710400   Mansa
MwenseMukumbwa  SecondaryGRZBox 760094 Mwense
MwenseMusonda Girls Technical SchoolGrant-aided (from GRZ)966404712Box 710071 Mansa
MwenseMwense  SecondaryGRZ970036Box 760100,  Mwense
NchelengeChisenga Primary SchoolGRZ978751822Box 740049, Nchelenge
NchelengeKashita Secondary SchoolGRZ977683364Box 740049
NchelengeLupili Primary SchoolGRZ977404379Box 740049, Nchelenge
NchelengeNchelenge Secondary SchoolGRZ2972112Box 740050,
NchelengeNshinda Primary SchoolGRZBox 740049, Nchelenge
NchelengeTasha Field SchoolPrivate977214950C/O Debs P.O Box
SamfyaChibolya Secondary  SchoolGRZ977249016Box 720039 Samfya
SamfyaChisokone Secondary SchoolGRZ979701036Box 720013 Samfya
SamfyaKakote PrimaryGRZ0Box 720067, Samfya
SamfyaKalasa Mukoso Secondary SchoolGRZ979317101Box 720067  Samfya
SamfyaKasaba Secondary SchoolGRZ0P.O Box 720067  Samfya
SamfyaLubwe Secondary SchoolGRZ977241562P.O Box 720080 Samfya
SamfyaMiponda Secondary SchoolGRZ979776958C/O Debs Office Box 720067
SamfyaMwansakombe PrimaryGRZ978892604Box 720067, Samfya
SamfyaMwewa Secondary SchoolGRZ0Box 720067 Samfya
SamfyaSamfya Secondary SchoolGRZ979519650P.O.Box 720070,  Samfya
SamfyaSt. Francis  Private  SchoolGrant-aided (from GRZ)979755124Box 720067 Samfya
SamfyaTwingi Secondary SchoolGRZ977937057P.O Box 720067 Samfya
Meet the minister
Hon. David MabumbaHon. David Mabumba
Our mission
Enable and provide an education system that will meet the needs of Zambia and its people.
Our vision
Quality, lifelong education for all which is accessible, inclusive and relevant to individual, national and global needs and value systems.