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Zambia Library Service

Zambia Library service (ZLS) came into existence in 1962 as a department of the Ministry of Education (MOE).currently, it is under the ministry’s Directorate of Teacher Education and Specialized Services (TESS).ZLS as a public library system which provides library and information services all over Zambia through provincial, branch libraries and library centres.

It is also responsible for the provision of logistical support for the development of school and college libraries as well as teacher resource centres. In addition, ZLS assists in the establishment and promotion of community libraries.

To ensure the improvement in library services in schools and colleges.ZLS works in collaboration with Provincial Education Officers (PEOs) and District Education Officers(DEOs) in sensitizing authorities in these institutions on the significance of libraries in the teaching and learning process.


To inculcate a culture of reading and using information for personal and national development through the provision of library and information services to the public, schools, colleges and Teacher Resource Centers.


To establish and manage a public library network throughout Zambia.

To ensure the establishment and coordination of libraries in school, colleges and Teacher Resource Center

To provide timely and relevant information in various formats.

To assist other organizations providing library and information services.


Provincial Libraries

At present, there are six (6) provincial libraries in Chipata, Choma, Kasama, Mansa, Mongu and Solwezi.Each one of them has a collection of over 10,000 books of all kinds for use by the residents of the town and surrounding areas.


Individual membership

Pupils K 30,000 per year

Students k150, 000 per year

Professionals k250, 000 per year

Institutional membership

Government Institutions = k 350,000

Private Institutions = k500, 000

The fees enable ZLS to cater for administrative and operational costs. This charge is subjected to revision from time to time as the need arises.


On the 9th of June 2011, the Zambia Knowledge Center (ZKC) in Lusaka was officially opened by the Ministry of Education Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (MOESVTEE).The Knowledge the Knowledge Center is an Insaka for teaching and learning in the digital age.ZKC is to become a vibrant place within the MOESVTEE that is giving access to global online resources and is building local online content for teachers, lecturers and students. It is also a place for techies to work on technologies that can leapfrog development in Zambia

The eGranary Digital Library-The internet in a box”-is an off-line information store that provides instant access to over 30 million internet resource to institution lacking adequate internet access. Through a process of copying websites(with copyright permission) and delivering them to partner institutions in developing countries, this digital library delivers instant access to a wide variety of educational resources including video, audio, book, journals and websites.