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Human Resource Administration

Under the restructured Ministry, the Directorate of Human Resources and Administration is responsible for the development and management of the human resource as well as the development of an efficient and effective administrative system, both of which support the operations of the Ministry. An HRD plan has already been developed, and training, staff development needs and courses have been identified. One priority will be to address the shortage of women in top management positions through access to relevant training.

Under its administration function, the Directorate will also promote and strengthen communications between the Ministry and the community through its public relations activities. It will also be responsible for developing workplace policies on HIV/AIDs in all education institutions. In the implementation of programmes, officers in each Directorate, Province, District and School levels will be designated particular programmes and sub-programmes.

The overall responsibility for execution of the Plan will be at top management
at national headquarters, province and district. In this regard, change management/training will be a top priority in preparation for the staff for their new responsibilities.